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AthanSip Software that makes communication even easier than dialing a phone is here. We are proud to introduce AthanSip, our software that integrates Athan calculation and SIP paging capabilities.
  Windows 10

Core Features


Athan Calculation


Unified Communication


Public Address System


Auto Action


Athan Calculation

“There are many obstacles to determining the correct prayer times especially if you run a company or have a full time job..”

We are proud to introduce AthanSip, our software that integrates athan calculation and sip paging capabilities. Before AthanSip, there was nothing like it on the market. Athan is the Islamic “call to worship” and Muslims are required to pray at 5 specific times every day. These times used to be calculated based on the sun’s position, Nowadays Technology becoming a part of people’s life around the world and Muslim among them , which facilitated our lives so much.

Unified Communication

“Most of well knows UC vendors support open sip under ‘Third party endpoint license’.”

AthanSip built based on Sip Protocl which open interoperability with many unified communication systems. And it registers to IP/PBX  as a soft phone extension.

Thanks to our innovative software, now you can easily set reminders for accurate prayer times based on your location. The program automatically calculates the correct time for you. When it is Athan time, a voice message will be transmitted over the facility audio system or the speakers on individual devices.

Puplic Address System

“The SIP bridge enabling businesses to extend their existing public announcement speaker system while upgrading from digital/POTs systems into SIP-based voice communication solutions.”

AthanSip and Snom (PA1) working together smoothly which make them ideal solution for various sectors  (i.e. Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, showrooms, Workshops and factories.)

Auto Action

“Athansip can perform auto paging and also other fuctions such as manual paging and timer paging  .”

AthanSip Features

  • Paging recurrence capabilities (i.e. a certain day of the week.)
  • Paging on auto-calculated Athan time
  • Capable of paging certain Prayers each day
  • Alert option before or after Athan time
  • Option for one-time skip of scheduled Athan page
  • Plays any Athan file or any notification message
  • Compatible with any device that is Sip capable

Unique App Face

Very clean , full details but still easy to use.

Day and Date

Georgian and Hijri Calendar

Day Hours

How Many Hours in the Day

Night Hours

How Many Hours in the Night

Next Action

Display the next Action


Show Status of Actions.


Editing  App setting.

Phone Keypad

Dial or Dial & play and Log

And Much More!

App has more and more features

3 Easy Steps to Start Paging


Step 1

Install AthanSip

Step 2

Create Sip Extension

Step 3

Add your auto paging actions
in Athansip and enjoy.


AthanSip is Available in Basic ( Free)  and Pro Editions

Download Files

Quick guides for App configuration

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